Summary And Analysis Of Jeffrey Dahmer : Serial Killer Documentary

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Summary and Discussion In the documentary, Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial Killer Documentary, the audience is able to see some footage of Dahmer’s childhood. But the documentary only showed to “happy”, “normal” times of Dahmer’s childhood, they did not show the more darker/gruesome things that he did. Although, it shows the testimony of Dahmer’s father, Lionel Dahmer, as he recalls the events that happened during Dahmer’s childhood. Throughout the interview with Dahmer is able to explain the events that could have led to Dahmer turning out the way that he did, through the fights between his parents and his parents having not enough time for Dahmer could have led to Dahmer being socially awkward and having strange fascinations. If Dahmer’s …show more content…

He turned to violence and killing and he did it in a way where he was able to gain the attention that he craved from his victims. By leading his victims to his house with empty promises, they were forced to talk with him and hang out with him. But by the time that Dahmer was finally able to gain the attention that he craved but it was too late, his mind was already gone. His mind was filled with the dark fantasies that he wanted to enact on other men. It was too late to turn back, Dahmer never learned how to conform to society, he only learned how to deviate from it. Therefore turning him into the violent psychopath that he had become. This theory is also helpful in allowing people to see what they should do to prevent this from happening. The most simple way to do it is to give a child attention and teach them right from wrong. In today’s society, it is so simple for two people to have children, whether planned or unplanned, but they are not truly ready for all the responsibilities that come with it. They might believe that they are ready to care for a child, but when they do have that child the become aware of how hard it is to take care of it and soon neglect it. This then leads to the child getting everything that it needs to correctly function in society. When a child is brought into this world it is put onto the parents to teach a child how to fit in

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