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Courtney Sloan 3/4/13 1st European Imperialism DBQ Part A 1. According to the author, the colonies received benefits from the “modern progressive nations” such as being able to yield tropical produce, receiving foodstuffs and manufactures they need, and having their territory developed by the addition of roads, railways, canals, and telegraphs. They also have the benefit of having schools and newspapers established, as well as the blessing of civilization, which according to the author, would not be attainable without the help of the progressive nations. 2. This political cartoon reveals that colonization for the native people meant enslavement. This is established through the caption “Learning civilized ways is hard work”, hard work meaning slavery. This idea of enslavement can also be detected in the picture as you can see an Asian man and an African man pulling a British man on a rickshaw. 3. There are five types of empire builders according to the author in this passage. There are the exporters and manufacturers who are the makers of cotton and iron used in the colonies, the bankers who are the most powerful of all business groups, the military and naval leaders who believe strongly in the expansion of the white man’s superiority, the missionaries who were preachers and builders of the earthy empires, and the politicians. 4. According

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