Summary Of A Model Of Christian Charity

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In 1629, the Massachusetts Bay Company gathered a royal charter to settle a new Puritan colony in New England. After losing patience with the english government and Charles the first for their dislike of the puritan group, they did not fight fire with fire so they left to North America after hearing the group found a new colony in New England. This would give them the ability to practice their beliefs without persecution. As they ventured to the new colony, John Winthrop wrote a necessary sermon, “A Model of Christian Charity” where he and his other founders kept record of hoping to achieve a community remaining sole devoted to God, that stay true to Calvinism and who are united as a group. “A Model of Christian Charity” was written to ensure that even when obstacles occur, the Puritans will stay united rather than fighting amongst each other. That they will not let their struggle to start in a new area take over their beliefs that they will have a strong society over the society in England. Winthrop’s sermon starts with the most first question that comes to mind when thinking of why people are in the positions that they are in, why are some poor and others rich? To answer this, he addressed three reasons why God wanted it to be that way. The first was that a variety of people means different ways that god will be honored. Another reason was that the rich would perform acts of kindness to the poor or less fortunate and this would further the spirit of the ideal life.

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