Winthrop Summary Christian Charity Essay

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Anna Dean
Michelle Steil
English 101, Sec 12
22 Oct 2012
A Model of Christian Charity: Summary

A Model of Christian Charity is a sermon by John Winthrop. He gives this sermon aboard the Arbella in 1630. John Winthrop began his and his Christian's journey with words for guidance and inspiration. He starts his sermon by stating that God created the rich and the poor. He created them for different reasons, in order to manifest his exertion in the areas of mercy, love, gentleness, faith, patience and obedience. Religion is used as a way of connecting with the Puritans. He also uses references from the bible to prove his points. He talks about how God has created the three laws, and how if you follow them you will be …show more content…

He says to only give as much as you can give, not too much or too small. If one can’t pay you back don’t dwell over it. Forgive and let go. He says you must always forgive, debt must be forgiven.

Winthrop talks about the law of nature, which tells them to always to love their neighbor. No enemies, just friends. He says this because in order to work together and be a better society you must be able to get along with everyone. He states that love is the bond that will keeps the society together and as one. He says to always love with a pure heart. He talks about the law of grace, which is a moral law. This love and these rules united the Puritans. Lastly, when Christians need are in need of God, they must help him instead of just receiving. By giving, lending and forgiving. He says that no one is perfect, and that if one Christian suffers, they all suffer. Christians are held together. They are together by love; they walk with each other through strength and weaknesses.

He concludes that the love that is between the Christians is real, and should always be there, especially on their journey to America. He says that he wants a city upon hill, he says this because he wants other societies to want to be like them. Their society can be seen like a model to others. He wants his society to be build through his eyes, how he wants it to be. The love is necessary to

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