Summary Of All Summer In A Day

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“All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury, is a short story about Margot’s and the other children’s experience during the school day when the sun showed it’s face to the planet Venus. Scientists predicted that the sun would appear for two hours. That day Margot and the other children in her school waited excitedly for their teacher to bring them outside to see the bright sun. However, the children and Margot weren’t friendly because they thought that she believed she was better than them because she remembers the sun. “‘You're lying, you don't remember!’ Cried the children” (Bradbury 2). That day they began to get angry at Margot again and decided to trap her in the closet before their teacher returns. The children go outside and their attitude changes along with their mood. They become much happier than before. After the two hours finish they remember Margot inside and have a sense of remorse to guilt towards what they did. This leads me to believe that Ray Bradbury makes it rain on Venus and describes the change in weather in m,` “All Summer in a Day” to establish the change in mood for the children.

The first reason towards why I think Bradbury did this is to show the difference an event can make. From the backstory given, the children seem as though they are usually mean towards Margot. However, as told in the story “It has been raining for seven years” (Bradbury 1). These two facts seem to correlate. So, in turn, when the sun does come out that day, the children’s mood
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