Summary Of 'Ambush ',Contents Of The Dead Man's Pockets'

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In the three stories “Ambush”, “The Leap”, and “Contents of the Dead Man’s Pockets” had many similarities and differences. These similarities and differences were found in the characters, conflicts, and settings of the stories. Each element impacts the stories in so many similar and different ways. In “Ambush”, “The Leap”, and “Contents of the Dead Man’s Pockets” the characters had a major impact on even the simplest details. “…and as he passed me on the trail I threw a grenade at his feet and killed him.” This is a quote from “Ambush” which showed that the main character in the story made the decision to kill a man, which would later affect his feelings. In the story “Contents of the Dead Man’s Pockets” the main character Tom did multiple things to affect the story. One of these things are, “Now, balanced easily and firmly, he stood on the ledge outside in the slight, chill breeze, eleven stories above the street, staring into his own lighted apartment, odd and different seeming now.” Tom did this because of a paper that blew out of his window, that could have possibly got him a promotion. Him being out on this ledge later impacted his feelings and other parts of the story. In “The Leap” the narrator told stories of her mother’s past and how she used her past career to overcome cataracts and save the narrators life. The stories that the narrator tells affects the way she feels and thinks about her mother. An example of this is,” It has occurred to me that the catlike

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