Summary Of America The Multinational Society

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Culture, ideas, and customs have sculpted this nation into the country that thrives today both socially and economically. Considering the history behind our melting pot of a country, how much of our “American” culture is American? Ishmael Reed delves into this topic and uncovers shocking truths that open the minds of the American nationalist that want to preserve the nations customs and not let other cultures consume our own “original” ideas. The article, America: The Multinational Society by Ishmael Reed uncovers the real uniqueness of “American” culture both past and present as well as good and bad. He uses well-known historical examples like the Puritans, personal experiences, the three modes of persuasion and modern ironic precedents that …show more content…

He starts listing examples that are connected to many different cultures and there are so many links that it becomes comical in a sense. “Is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, which includes Turkish marches, a part of Western civilization, or the late nineteenth- and twentieth-century French paintings’ whose creators were influenced by Japanese art?” (Reed 287). He links Beethoven, who was German, who had Turkish influences in his music which connects that Turkish musicians were highly influenced by Japanese artist. Many examples of these are all everywhere in our society. “One of the artists told me that his paintings, which included African and Afro-American mythological symbols and imagery, were hanging in a local McDonald’s restaurant. The next day I went to McDonald’s and snapped pictures of smiling youngsters eating hamburgers below painting that could grace the walls of any of the country’s leading museums” (Reed 287). Culture from all kinds of places is everywhere and that has created “American” culture. People in our country have accidental or subliminally placed various things in our society from different cultures not giving them credit or mistaking it for “American” customs and

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