Summary Of An Arrow In My Heart

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An Arrow in my Heart by Sharon L. Acoose is a heart wrenching and motivational novel. This novel is written with a down to earth feel and Sharon lets you inside her life of havoc and despair. Within this novel Sharon holds back no detail and as she says, “calls a spade a spade”. Sharon invites the reader to read how a young Indigenous woman can fall to the life of drugs, alcohol and prostitution to resilience and the height of her academia. Sharon Acoose’s chosen life effected her spiritual, emotional, physical and mental well-being through the addictions and life of prostitution. Sharon’s well-being in many aspects were greatly affected by addictions. She used addiction to repress her childhood memories of abuse. Sharon’s novel is greatly detailed on her life and fails to leave anything out and keeps the reader wanting to read more. This novel left this reader in tears, sad and happy. Sharon’s addiction affected hr physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and is seen numerous times throughout the novel where and how these four aspects are affected.
Novel Summary Within the novel Sharon takes you to her childhood and writes about a variety times she remembers being sexually abused. Sharon takes you to as young as the age of three and explains how sexual abuse was a major part in her childhood. Sharon states that her earliest recollection of sexual abuse was at the age of three” (pg.22). From the age of three on she would continually be sexually abused by
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