Summary Of ' Angels And Demons '

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> Angels & Demons follows the journey of Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, as he tries to stop what seems to be the Illuminati- the Enlightened ones, a legendary secret society, from destroying the Vatican City with the newly-discovered power of antimatter. > > CERN director Maximilian Kohler discovers one of the facility 's most respected physicists, Leonardo Vetra was cold heartedly murdered in his own secluded, private quarters at the facility. His chest was branded with a symbol — the word "Illuminati", formed as an ambigram, using a hot iron and his eye torn out mercilessly. Instead of calling the police, Kohler researches the topic on the Internet and finally and quite fortunately gains contact with Professor Langdon, an expert on symbology and avid researcher on ancient hostory.Kohler requests his assistance in uncovering the mystery and get hold of the murderer. > > What Langdon discovers at the murder scene frightens the hell out of him: The symbol appears to be authentic much to his surprise, and the legendary secret society, long thought to be defunct or dormant, seems to have resurfaced to make some noise. Kohler calls Vetra 's adopted daughter Vittoria to the scene and it is later revealed that the Illuminati has also stolen a canister containing a quarter of a gram of antimatter — an extremely deadly substance with destructive potential comparable to the most powerful nuclear weapons in existence, a potentially lethal weapon can exasperate and create havoc

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