The Killer Angels Book Report

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The Killer Angels is a very interesting and intriguing novel about The Civil War and gives us day by day actions through out it all. That is what really interested me in the way this book was set up. Every day, there was a diary from different characters. Because of this, we get to see different views from different characters and how each one of them have their own stories in the war and how they got through the war. At the very beginning of the story, we meet a spy named Harrison, who loves his Shakespeare. He sees that the Union Army is coming, because he sees about twenty thousand men all at once. He is so scared and surprises and runs to tell the two generals, General Longstreet and General Lee. This is our introduction to the character I will talk about …show more content…

I think that he was definitely the most religious ones out of all the characters in the book. He relied on God for the actions that happened in his life and what was happening in the way. This is why I was very drawn to him in the first place. I am very religious myself and I rely on God for many of the same reason Lee did. In the book, there was a passage that really stood out to me. "He believed in a Purpose as surely as he believed that the stars above him were really there. He thought himself too dull to read God's plan, a servant only. And yet sometimes there were glimpses" (3.6.13). When I read that sentence in the book, I automatically wrote it down. That passages says to me that he believed in something that is supposed to happen, and will happen if it is God’s plan. Another thing that stood out to me about General Lee was that he was not a big fan of slavery. He had command of Northern Virginia during the Civil War, so it does make sense. Lee through out this book shows his love for Virginia. Let’s face it, he is solely in this war because Virginia made the decision to leave the Union. He is very loyal to his home state, and it shows through out the

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