Summary Of Czeslaw Milosz's Ars Poetica

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In Czeslaw Milosz poem, “Ars Poetica?”, he reveals to the reader his opinion on the art of poetry. However, instead of praising the art form or the beauty of constructing an overall poem, he critical evaluates his dislike for its limited and depressing state. However, although the writer does not approve of all the aspects of poetry, he does have a belief towards its overall use. Throughout “Ars Poetica” the tone of the writer, his use of figurative language, and word choice in poem all contribute to his overall message. In “Ars Poetica?” the tone of the writer is reflective thus leading to an opinionated tone. The writer states what he prefers to write and the type of writing that should be written in general his opinion.“I have always aspired to a more spacious form that would be free from the claims of poetry or prose”(Milosz stanza 1, line 1-2). One can say that Czeslaw Milosz does not like the limiting writing of poetry. As stated, he prefers to be more spacious instead of having to follow the rules and uses of poetry. The writer evaluated and reflects on poetry, and comes to the conclusion that it should not be used as common as it is. He does not suggest or attempt to persuade the reader to support his opinion. Instead, one can assume the writer wrote the poem for himself, to state his opinion, as result leading to his tone. In order to add a deeper and visual understanding of his view point, Czeslaw Milosz uses Figurative Language in order to assist the reader.

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