Summary Of Dinner Party Economics Written By Eveline

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In this report, we will be taking a look in Dinner Party Economics written by Eveline Adomait and Richard Maranta. Specifically, we will be looking at Chapters eleven and twelve; Macroeconomic policy and inevitable political debate. Hello its me gka d shk gd h gd hj gusg Let us first dive into chapter eleven about macroeconomic policy. The big picture in this chapter is that policy matters. Some big questions and ideas we should have from this chapter are: 1) Who is in charge?-“what can a government do (if anything) to change its country’s economic circumstances? What are the tools of the trade, so to speak?” (page 146) 2) What is your problem? Before we even think about what policies are in effect and should be in effect for certain …show more content…

It considers how we can measure the economy and the ways to do so. When evaluating our problem, we must take in mind the measure of what is at stake. We conduct measurements of the economy and all that we need to be able to get the full picture and get the absolute best information to make the best and most accurate decision. From that step, it will give us a clearer picture of whether we should take the ‘wait and see’ step or the ‘at your discretion’ step. One final things that connects to the subject of policy is what is in chapter four. Chapter four talks about money as the main topic. What interested me is the conversation between the students at the beginning of the chapter (page 27). Money is such a general thing that can be looked at, spent and used in so many different ways. Even a group of similar people (students in university), can have such different ideas of money because of the way they live, grew up and were taught and handled money. Many policies involve money. If so many people have such different ideals when it comes to money, are policies fair? Well I guess you could look at that question as one of the roles of policy. To bring fairness to the economy. Now to jump into chapter twelve; inevitable political debate. There a truly going to be endless and infinite amounts of political debates for as long as we shall live here on this earth. Everyone one has an opinion, especially when it comes to society,

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