Summary Of ' Don 't You Dare '

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They walked out onto the patio with the same thought. This had to be stopped at all cost. Short of committing something criminal and yet justified, but unbecoming, they were opened to any and every idea possible. They were happy their guests had arrived so they could get down to business without delay. If there were two people who would understand what needed doing, they would. Not only that, once Talien hear what was right, he would finally see the light. Their son might care little for what they knew was best for him, but he has always done what his uncle wish without question. “I hear that congratulations are in order for the two of you,” said a large man with a deep chuckle. “I hope your boy luck has rubbed off on the twins.” “Have you lost your mind, Nelson?” Ida snapped furiously. “I’ve talked to my boys about my new…” “Don’t you dare?” she screeched. “She is not part of my family and never will.” “As I was saying,” he chuckled. “My boys say my new niece is going to be a doctor. I wonder if she can hook Brad and Eldon up with some of her friends.” “Connie,” called Henry, “I think you should talk some sense into your husband. He knows…” “The question is do you know?” she snarled violently, and stood up slowly with fire in her eyes. “The last time I looked, he is the older of the two of them and isn’t some pet for me to tell to do tricks. As I remembered it, I was the one who had stopped him from breaking you into little pieces and

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