Summary Of Dream Keepers By Gloria Billings

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Tekeisha Postell
ECSP 3131
Dr. Hill
Dream Keepers Summary (Chapter 4-7)
Chapter 4 In chapter 4, Gloria Billings applies the concept of family to the classroom. Teachers should look at their students as their own. She mentions how students should not be selfish by only caring about themselves; they should look at each other as one. The teachers discussed in this chapter had expectations of the students to be responsible for and teach each other. The class should be looked at as a family structured environment. It is important for students to work together as a family. Billings believes that family of learners originates from culturally relevant teaching method. She also believes that students have the knowledge and the teacher’s role …show more content…

The classrooms are not set up to be socially constructed. The students sit next to each other but are not allowed to converse with one another. Billings also discussed in this chapter how things have changed since she was in school. Everyone went to the same church and to the same stores. Billings introduces teachers in this chapter that she describes as good teachers. Elizabeth Harris was one of the teachers discussed and she invited her students to her church to attend her Sunday school class. Billings considered her relationship with her students what some would call an extended family. She had her students to form extended family groups and worked as one. The responsibilities of the groups were to monitor each other’s work and behavior. The groups were also required to work together to solve problems and provide …show more content…

(Billings, 1994) Chapter seven explains culture. Billings gives her definition of cultural relevance teaching as questioning and preparing the students to question inequalities and injustices that they will one day face. Students should not have to compromise their cultural identities in order to achieve academic excellence. She goes on to reminisce on how she enjoyed being a teacher. Billings discusses research that found teachers being unbelievers of African American students being successful. Billings makes it clear that if parents do not participate or provide school supplies for their children, it is not always because they are not concerned; it may be because of poverty and having to work multiple jobs. All of the teachers that were included in Billings study were against the way that their school system wanted them to teach but some of the teachers were allowed to use their own method of teaching because they received great results from the students. Billings concludes that students need better schools and she gives a fictional version of what a culturally relevant school should look like. She describes her fictional school as being an effective educational environment where the community, faculty, patents and students play equal roles in the students’

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