Summary Of Drifters By Bruce Dawe

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Power is a complex multifaceted notion and people can experience or wield it in different ways. It can have negative connotations, especially when it is abused. People of course can also experience a sense of powerlessness for a variety of reasons. The poem Drifters by Bruce Dawe explores the helplessness of a family who are forced to move from place to place in search of work. This causes great distress and angst among the family. A sense of powerlessness of course can come in many forms and in the poem Mid-Term Break by Seamus Heaney we witness the extraordinary grief and anguish of a family who are mourning the death of a son and brother. The film The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, directed by Mark Herman, explores the sense of powerlessness …show more content…

The poem is from the wife’s perspective, and we see her emotions throughout the poem, and how she is helpless and powerless against the economy that forces her and her family to constantly move. There are many themes in the poem which relate to The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas such as the uncertainty in life, and how there are no concrete plans for the future, and how things can change so quickly. For some of the family in the poem, it is far from what they want, which we see through the Mother and older sister, who are both reluctant to move, and wish to lead a normal life. Unlike these two family members, the younger sister, who has yet to discover the darker and more sinister parts of the world, is always looking for a new adventure, and feels the power that most young people have. She is constantly ready for something new, and is ready to overcome every problem that stands in her way. This is a lot like Bruno, who is an adventurous little boy, who doesn’t yet understand sadness, and lives life as if it were a …show more content…

The close-up shot of Bruno shown here gives the audience an idea of how the young boy is feeling, as we see from the eyes full of emotion and wonder that he has never seen something like this “farm” and judging by his young personality we have been presented to beforehand, we know he will want to investigate further. Bruno is like the younger sister in the poem, as he is young and naïve, always moving and excited with everything in life, always ready for another adventure and eager to see new things, and he is never scared to take part in everything. However, because of the ominous music playing softly in the background, we are introduced to the idea that this place, although it looks small from a distance and not unsafe, there is something very wrong with the peculiar buildings beyond the trees. The image of the concentration camp is shown from a long shot, giving us perspective as to what Bruno is seeing, and how from a distance it looks isolated and

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