Boy In The Striped Pyjamas Essay

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In the novel,'Boy In the Striped Pyjamas' by John Boyne the author discusses detail and relevant text about characters feelings, expressions, and thoughts towards certain situations. He tends the readers to understand what the characters face throughout the novel by expressing their emotions and actions. There are many events when John Boyne has shown this type of purpose, in his novel. For instance, he mentioned several times at the start of the book how much hatred did Bruno have for Out-With. How Bruno was confused with what was happening in the concentration camp and why were they all there. As well as the mother has no affection with Out-With and stands up to it many times for her family's betterment. Last but not the least how Adolf Hitler was hated by Bruno because of his physical appearance and his cold personality.

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The first one is that why do the people have the same physical appearance in the camp and why were they being treated with humiliation by the soldiers. Bruno could not understand why were the people in the camp all so identical and had shaved heads as well as the same striped clothes. 'How extraordinary,' pg 158. this was spoken by Bruno after he noticed the people in the concentration camp, all having the same noticeable appearance. During Bruno's cooperation towards finding Shmuel's dad, he saw soldiers snubbing or treating the Jews with humiliation. This incident had caused Bruno to get confused because what he had expected in his imagination wasn't there at all. 'I don't like it here,' pg 150. This was complemented by Bruno after he analyzed the soldiers laughing and being happy while they were shouting at the Jews and persecuting them. Many queries of Bruno which had unexpected and abrupt answers, no wonder caused him to be felt betrayed and made he readers feel sympathetic towards

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