Summary Of Frank OConnor's First Confession

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In the two stories First Confession and Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been The two main characters are Connie and Jackie. They both are in situations where they are living lies until each is forced to confront the truth about themselves, and this act of confrontation is freeing them both spiritually, even though in Connie’s case it could lead to her death. In the story First Confession the author Frank O’Connor doesn’t use any references that relate it back to events in history. Regardless of this, there is some developments of context to Catholicism. In the story, Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been by Joyce Carol Oates there is a reference or inspired by four murders. Therefore, both Connie and Jackie find themselves at a crossroads to find the truth about their lives. These two characters are on a journey where one may face death and the other has to face a higher authority. In the story, First Confession, Jackie is the antagonist in the story and he is dealing with a lot of negativity around him. Jackie also is living in lies himself and throughout the story he is forced to find out his identity. Jackie’s problems started when his grandfather passed away, and his grandmother came to live with him. Jackie is a young boy who is about to go to his first confession, and he is scared to death and does not want to go and face a priest. His has been somewhat dishonest through the story, so he is contemplating confessing the truth to the priest or not to confess

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