Summary Of ' Funny, But Almost By Default, Little Failure

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Irrepressibly funny, but almost by default, Little Failure is a record of existential homelessness, of living in a midpoint between two different countries and identities. Gary Shteyngart tells his story where he persists in regarding himself as a failure. In a more autobiographical way, he prosecutes his permanent disagreement with himself, with his family, with Russia (that would probably have killed him if he had stayed there), and with America (that even more unforgivably saved his life). He writes incisively about Americanization. Immigrants are expected to undergo a regeneration, almost a reincarnation: America is the homeland of happy endings, of the “American Dream”, where happiness is intensely hunted and invariably attained. Orthodontic improvements are essential, guaranteeing that everyone can emit an evangelical grin, and after his father 's dental makeover Shteyngart is stunned to see him "smiling fully, with teeth, in the American manner".
Shteyngart 's twin nationalities offer a choice between satire and sentimentality, between the rage and frustration that go with being Russian to the effervescent optimism that is compulsory in America. Mostly he says he struggled to fit in. Throughout his life, well before college or high school, he confesses to feeling lonely, angry, or anxious. Rarely genuinely happy. It took time to make the adjustment, he observes, especially since finding his way at school was as difficult as doing so at home. On can imagine that

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