Summary Of George S. Sawyer Essay

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The excerpt from George S. Sawyer’s Southern Institution starts off with a fantastic quote that reads, “He that is despised, and hath a servant, is better than he that horsforth himself, and lacketh bread” (Sawyer 1). The deeper meaning of this quote is that it is better to be a man that people dislike, but still have a servant, than being a man who pretends to be somebody and has no food. This quote is a great portrayal of how the document is written and the bias that it contains. Sawyer was a southerner who was pro-slavery. There isn’t much else known about the man responsible for this historic document. This document was created in the middle 19th century, a time in American history abundant with slavery. In this time, the southern states were fighting for slavery and the expansion of its economic benefits, while the north wanted to abolish slavery from the country. In his document, Sawyer is doing everything he can to persuade people who read it that slavery is a good thing and that the south is well run in comparison to the northern states. Sawyer does an incredibly great job of providing information to his audience that will make his arguments seem more valid and believable. It is hard for someone to read this document and not believe that what he has to say is true. Sawyer uses statistics from the census to better his arguments, expands upon those stats to help prove his point and also uses statistics that benefit the southern states strictly. Statistics aren’t his

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