Summary Of Guy De Maupassant 's ' -the Necklace '

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I, Gyani Smith, certify that I have personally completed this assignment based on my own personal efforts. I understand if I use outside sources, I must properly give my source(s) credit using the APA format and my paper should not include more than 20% of direct quotes from other sources. I understand if I do not provide proper credit to outside sources, I will be documented for plagiarism and be required to resubmit a new assignment. I will not divulge the content of this assignment or any of my work, generally or specifically, to any current or future James Madison High School students. 4/16/2017 . Guy de Maupassant 's, -The Necklace, is a tragic short story, that is set in 1800s Paris, France during the period of Belle Epoque…show more content…
She loses the necklace at the ball like the 'glass slipper ' which would cost her an arm and a leg. She fails to find it within a week but internalizes and decides not to reveal the truth to her friend. Her 'sacrificial lamb ', replaces it with his inheritance and the rest he borrows from friends and family. Her husband, her knight in shining armor, is so stressed that he has 'aged 5 years within the week '. However, like the illusion that exists in France, she later finds out the truth that the necklace was no good, just a show- as all that glitters is not gold.

The writer weaves the themes in and out and around outward appearances and deception along with self-sacrifice which are apt for that era. Throughout history and literature deception, materialistic and covetous behaviors have led to the downfall of many men and women. This story is no different. Both madame Forestier and Mathilde display appearances that are deceptive. Mathilde is a middle-class woman who daydreams about 'the grandeur of other homes and the lavish meals of the upper classes. ' She even covets her friend 's wealth and 'cannot bear to see her and the costly furs the other women wrap themselves in at the ball. ' Mathilde thinks that beauty and charm make her deserving of such luxuries, spending her time imagining the lives of the upper classes instead of accepting her circumstances.

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