Summary Of Harrison Bergeron

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Harrison Bergeron is a story written by Kurt Vonnegut. Vonnegut’s story is a warning to the world about the quest of equality, which is spreading all round in many nations with America on the lead. The story shows the reader how the equality issue can have negative impacts on people’s individuality, and the society. This story is about a certain one named Harrison Bergeron. Kurt Vonnegut made this story to show the world that if everything was equal then what would happen to the world. This story is fantastic if you love Science-Fiction. Vonnegut uses dark humor in this story even in the most terrifying things. In the year 2081 the whole world is equal in every way shape and form. The government changed the amendments so the world will have to follow those laws. Furthermore the supremacy made the public wear physical and mental handicaps if they were above-average perception, or if you were athletic they wore bags so you couldn't run. Harrison was taken away from his parents (George and Hazel) by the Handicapper General; Diana Moon Glampers. She was the one who decided if you were above average or not. Harrison was so above average they had…show more content…
One day when Hazel and George were watching TV they saw ballerinas who had hideous masks to cover up their beauty. Hazel started crying but she didn't know why. One day Harrison saw the opportunity to break out of his atrocious cell and that's exactly what he did. He went to the TV studio where the ballerina and the musicians were doing the news. He broke off his impediments and called himself the Emperor and asked a ballerina to be his Empress and then he strapped off her handicaps. Soon after, the handicapper general busted through the door and killed Harrison and the ballerina, soon after the city had a blackout so you wouldn't witness the
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