Summary Of Jennifer Lee Peace

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In chapter 6, on My Neighbor’s Faith, tilted God is Greater, narrated by Jennifer Howe Peace tells the story of a girl who is a junior in college who travels to London and is exposed to different culture and religion. She originally comes from a Christian family in the United States, so she hasn’t ever actually encountered other religions. While studying around aboard, she meets a guy named Mohammad who invites her to join a Sufi poetry group. Little did she know that this group would forever change her perspective of religion. As her study’s went on, she slowly began to feel that original biblical text she had always been reading since a child, weren’t changed her mind set on faith. She also realized that faith couldn’t be inherited, you need…show more content…
It starts with her friend Sahar telling her a story that involved her veil. Soon after both students in graduate school create a play that lets people know about stories involving Muslim American women and their reality they face. They titled the play The Hijabi Monologues and performed it in many different venues. However, one night performing the play in Miami, where Sahar was from, Sahar’s mom made an appearance. The play began the way it always does and tells the stories about Muslim American women and who they are. They hope to have the audience learn about what different women encounter and leave the play with a more open minded perspective. After the play was finished, Zeenat goes up on stage to interact with the audience and give a feel of what they thought of the play. One man in particular stood out in the way back with his hand up. When she called on him the man stood up and said “I just wanted to say thank you. I have to admit that before watching this play, when I saw an Arab looking man in the airport, I would be watching him instead of reading my newspaper. When I saw a Muslim woman in a veil, I would be worried that she had a bomb under there. Now, I’m an African American man in my fifties and I should know better, but I have to admit, I was scared. So thank you.” (Pg18-19) The man noticed that all Muslim
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