Summary Of Kirro's Black Holes: A Narrative Fiction

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Streams of luminescent light passed by as Kirro stared vacantly out of a window and into the approaching glow of civilization. For the last half hour his thoughts became mesmerized with utter beauty amidst the pearlescent evening.
The time is 3:26 in the morning.
A single cloud drifted across the nights’ sky as Kirro’s eyes fell upon a trail of broken glass winding throughout ever curve of the highway; undulating fragments refracted into a mirage of iridescent spectrums against the surrounding darkness.
“We’ve almost arrived mister Mitsuko” announced the exhausted Chauffeur
“Thank you David” whispered Kirro softly
“Are you excited to be back sir?” asked David
“I don’t think I ever really left.” Answered Kirro indifferently
Moments later; David stopped adjacent to an impressive building that eloquently spiraled into the atmosphere. The metallic interchange of pins and springs released Kirro’s door, and he emerged into the shadowy eclipse of his family’s legacy. With a sense of sheer serendipity, Kirro’s heart skipped at the sight of a corona enveloping the building. David nimbly proceeded to retrieve Kirro’s belongings, but fell short as words cut through the silent night.
“That wont be necessary David; you’ve done more than I would ask of you tonight.”
“I appreciate it sir, will you be needing …show more content…

Kirro peered into the heavens with a sense of defiance and uncertainty for what was to come. Flecks of missing paint littered the ardent fishing craft, as Kirro kneeled against the oncoming gale of easterly winds. In less than two hours, the sky began to unleash vehement waves that nearly capsized the valiant skiff with every surge. Kirro clung to the stiff’s redwood mast while his father fearlessly piloted against the ever-worsening blackness of the sky. Untethered supplies buoyed along the surface as alarming amounts water lapped

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