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Dear, Mrs.Dilorenzo the book that i read was called Michael vey Battle of the Ampere it is about a kid named michael has a bad dream about hatch and him going face to face but the problem was is that he lost and hatched captured him.After the nightmare he ends up next to a girl named tessa which she used to work for hatch and she had powers just like michael.When Tessa enchanted michaels powers they had to leave because hatches army was going to invade the jungle so, they ended up leaving the jungle to go look for the rest of michael's friends.They went back to idaho to hide in a tanning salon but, they saw satellites and radios so they went to investigate and it was an elgen campsite.Throughout the attack they failed because they were going…show more content…
micheal having friends then there would be no story because jack and wade helped michael in the first book but in the middle of the book wade takes a bullet for jack and he later on dies.If michael didn't have friends then in the first one when his mom was captured he needed someone to be by his side to help him but then michael and his friends were captured except for zeus and then zeus managed to save michael and his friends.without then michael and his friends would of been killed or tortured.then in this book that i read without michael's friends his powers wouldn't have been enchanted Tessa wouldn't be able to lead micheal out of the jungle intime before the elgen would of came and captured them.Michael's mom wouldn't be here and now he wouldn't have no family. This reminds me of The Maze Runner by James Dashner because there is a lot of action.The maze runner and michael vey are sort of similar because they both have action and most of the maze runner is fast paced.In the story maze runner when they escaped the maze gally throws a knife at Thomas but chuck manages to get in the way,and wade died by saving jack but he took a bullet for him.The reason why i think that this book reminds me of micheal vey because both of the themes revolve around

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