Summary Of Mick Kelly's The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

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Have you ever felt like the way you are isn’t what society expects you to be? What if you were to change the way you are, not because someone demands you to or forces you to, but because of a feeling inside you tells you to do so? This is the dilemma Mick Kelly is facing in the book The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. Mick is a 12 year old girl growing up in a small city in Georgia during the Great Depression. She is a tomboy who grows up feeling immense pressure within herself to conform to society’s expectations for young girls. She feels pressure to mature faster and become the ladylike homemaker every girl is expected to be in her era.
In the book, Mick struggles with finding her true identity as she grows up from a young 12 year old girl to a young teenage girl of 16. Mick has two older sisters; one is very pretty naturally and the other tries to be, but is not as pretty as the other one. At first Mick wants nothing to do with dressing up, putting on makeup, or trying to be pretty and elegant. However, the pressure of growing up and becoming more ladylike eventually gets to her.
As she starts high school, we see she's not really part of a specific “group.” She feels like she doesn’t fit in with the girl cliques. As a tomboy, she feels she doesn’t fit in with the girls or the boys. She feels invisible within her school. To help her become more recognized, Mick comes up with the idea to have a prom at her house. She decorates her house and even wore one of her sister’s

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