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Night by Eli Wiesel
Amrinder Bhuller

Author: The author of Night is Elie Wiesel. In my opinion, he did a very good job in writing this story! Eli was born on September 30, 1928. Eli is currently 86 and has written a lot of books. Eli had served as a prisoner Auschwitz and other concentration camps. He wrote all his experiences in this book. The Night talks about his experiences in these concentration camps and all he went through. Everything is probably historically correct because he went through all this and he wrote the book because of what happened to him. He is currently a Jewish-American professor.
Point Of View: The point of view of the story is in first person. The author himself has went through all of this and decided to write a book on it! He is the protagonist and expresses his feelings very well. He talks about how he felt during that time period like scared and he had lost hope in God. He lost hope because he believed in God and all this bad things like the murder of Jews still happened and he just lost faith. If the story was in third person, I think it wouldn’t have been so good. The reader wouldn’t have been able to learn about the feelings of the main characters. Since it was in first person, it showed the reader what the person was going through and how harsh it was. There were no shifts between the perspectives so it just showed what the main character was going through.
Significance Of The Title:
I think the title Night is a very good…

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