Summary Of Oliver Twist

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Oliver Twist is the narrative of a youthful vagrant, Oliver, and his endeavors to remain great in a general public that declines to help. Oliver is conceived in a workhouse, to a mother not known to anybody in the town. She passes on directly in the wake of bringing forth him, and he is sent to the parochial halfway house, where he and alternate vagrants are dealt with unpleasantly and sustained practically nothing. When he turns nine, he is sent to the workhouse, where again he and the others are dealt with severely and for all intents and purposes starved. Alternate young men, unfit to stand their appetite any more, choose to attract straws to pick who should go up and request more nourishment. Oliver loses. On the designated day, subsequent to completing his initially serving of gruel, he goes up and requests more. Mr. Blunder, the beadle, and the board are offended, and choose they should dispose of Oliver, apprenticing him to the parochial funeral director, Mr. Sowerberry. It isn't extraordinary there either, and after an assault on his mom's memory, Oliver flees.

Oliver strolls towards London. When he is close, he is so powerless he can scarcely proceed, and he meets another kid named Jack Dawkins, or the cunning Dodger. The Dodger reveals to Oliver he can accompany him to a place where a man of his word will give him a place to rest and sustenance, for no lease. Oliver takes after, and the Dodger takes him to a flat in London where he meets Fagin, the previously

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