Summary Of Orientalism By Edward Said

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Daniel Sher
Prof. Smith
27 September 2017
Critical Analysis of the Introduction to Said’s “Orientalism”
Edward Said was one of the most important cultural figures of the late twentieth century. In 1978 Said made the influential argument that scholarly writing in the United States and Europe was misrepresenting the cultural representations of the east. He called this study of the East Orientalism and the researchers or scholars – Orientalists. Said argued that the Orient is the stage of where the whole east is confined, including the Middle East, East Asia and Northern Africa. Said believed that these bias perceptions hindered a true understanding of the wide array of cultural diversity in Eastern culture. His work [the book Orientalism (1978)] is an examination of the way the West perceives the East in a truthful but slightly inaccurate and misinforming way. It is an academic piece and it is in many ways revolutionary due to how he points out that Western scholars invented the Orient from their own political and psychological needs to create a dehumanized “other”. In this critical analysis I shall be only reviewing the introduction to his work. I will be proving how occasionally his work may be misleading and hypocritical while, however, not denying the fact of this book making a huge impact on the understanding of the East and their cultural diversity and so forth by Americans and Europeans.
“Said was born in Jerusalem in 1935, he was Palestinian American. In 1947

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