Summary Of Percy Jackson : The Titan's Curse?

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Percy Jackson: The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan involves a group of friends who go on a quest to save two of their other friends through determination and loyalty. This book proves that with determination and loyalty, anything can be accomplished using emotional diction, counterexamples, and overstatements. Emotional diction shows Percy’s feelings when he says, “I took Annabeth’s baseball cap out of my backpack and set it on my nightstand. I’d give it to her when I found her. And I would find her” (page 65). Percy shows how loyal he is to his friend, Annabeth and he feels very bad about losing his beloved friend. Emotional diction makes the intensity level rise especially when Percy says, “I have to find Annabeth, I have to help, even if they don’t want me to” (page 119). Percy’s word choice makes him seem very determined to find his lost friend. Percy also uses diction to show how loyal his friendship with Annabeth is when he says, “I couldn’t stand it if… I don’t want you to-” (page 291). Percy proves his loyalty to Annabeth by saying what he truly feels which is Annabeth is very important to him. Diction demonstrates that anything can be accomplished with determination and loyalty and Percy accomplished his goal by rescuing Annabeth. A counterexample is shown when Zoë constantly argues with Chiron about the lost goddess. “Zoë said she needed permission to leave camp immediately. Chiron refused. He remained Zoë that the Hunters were supposed to stay here until they

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