Summary Of Race Racism And Darwinism

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Reflection #10
Summary of readings In the reading, Race, Racism, and Darwinism, the author William H. Jeynes argues that Darwinism is one of the main contributors forming the racist nature of the United States. Those same ideas then bleed into the perceptions people have towards people of color. Jeynes shows us how Darwinism is responsible for much of the institutional racism that has been carried out through centuries and has been justified. Darwinist believed that “survival of the fittest” did not only just apply to animals, rather, was also evident in human beings. They believed that some races were superior to others and therefore some races lacked the intellectual capacity of superior races. Jeynes shows us how black people were …show more content…

The type of ideology formed and carried out through Darwinism determines what people have access to and what injustices become justified. We begin to view people fitting the mold of the “other” as non-deserving of life and justify their maltreatment. This reading is also significant because it allows us to see how institutional racism has remained prominent in our society. I think often times we dismiss the historical background of racist theories like Darwinism. By doing this we forget how powerful structural racism has been indoctrinated into the lives of those in the United States and how people in power, the scientific community, has also contributed to the racist ideologies. It is significant because myths such as how some cultures just do not value education enough allows for those in the dominant race to attribute the flaws in the system to people of color rather than an institutional flaw. We forget that institutional racism has made it hard for people of color to get a job, yet we deem those same people of color on welfare and link it back to their inferiority as a race. This reading is important because it allows us to see how our ideologies and perceptions of those around us are formed.
Connection to personal life This reading reminded me of an incident I had with my current

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