Summary Of Rescue For Hire West

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Book 4 of Rescue for Hire West opens with Flyer Wakefield's ex, Sammie Arden, calling him to demand he comes back to him. Sammie is abusive and sadistic. Throughout the book Sammie texts and calls Flyer. Flyer is the pilot for Rescue for Hire West. The story starts with Flyer and his boss Roman, conducting job interviews. They are looking for a mechanic to take care of the planes and all the machinery on the hacienda. Unbeknownst to them, the ex hires a man to interview for the position that looks just like the ex. Flyer has a panic attack. The next candidate is Styx Randall. More massive than Roman, Styx and Flyer can hardly keep their hands off of each other the attraction is so intense. Styx has a throat injury and doesn't talk very well.

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