Summary Of ' Soledad Brother By George Jackson

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Hope is a Necessity In a world that is so unpredictable, sometimes there is nothing else that a person can do to make a situation better besides hoping for a good outcome. Hope can have a big impact on the way people view the world, and can potentially save lives. Hope is communicated in many ways, including a variety of art forms, such as literature. Some examples of literature that show how powerful having hope can be are the novel Soledad Brother by George Jackson, the short story Salvation by Langston Hughes, the short story Superheroes, Just for Each Other by Peter S. Goodman and the article Man Needs Hope to Live, by Christopher Kaczor. These literary works show that even the smallest bit of hope can help a person make wiser decisions regarding his or her future, but having no hope for the future leads people to make choices that are ethically wrong.
Soledad Brother by George Jackson is a piece of literature that shows that hope can sway a person’s decision about the actions that he or she takes. The novel is written in the stream of consciousness writing style. All the letters that Jackson writes show that he has hatred towards the system in which he is living in. Jackson was sentenced to one year to life in jail. Even though Jackson has some repulsive thoughts about the police officers and their ideas, he does nothing to express his opinion about the police officers, such as starting an argument or fight with the police officers, because he has hope that if

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