Summary Of Some Lessons From The Assembly Line

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In the article “Some Lessons From The Assembly Line” by Andrew Braaksma (2005), the author is expressing his experiences of working in a blue-collar job during the summer while going to college, with the goal of encouraging people and students to value higher education. The author realizes that blue-collar work has its disadvantages and that higher education is important, as he states,
"After working 12-hour shifts in a factory, the other options have become brutally clear. When I'm back at the university, skipping classes and turning in lazy re-writes seems like a cop-out after seeing what I would be doing without school. All the advice and public-service announcements about the value of an education that used to sound trite now ring …show more content…

While blue-collar work can be rewarding, college opens the door to many more opportunities. Many careers require higher education or even a college degree. Manual labor can be grueling and ultimately limiting to a person's future.
As an older adult who is now going back to college, I have many experiences in my life and career that have helped me appreciate how college opens more opportunities. Like Braakma, I have also experienced backbreaking manual labor jobs; moving steel beams and working in a factory on an assembly line. These experiences made me quickly realize that I wanted a different career path. When I couldn't even lift my arms at the end of the day from exhaustion and pain, I knew I wanted to pursue higher education for the opportunity to work in the computer field. Because technology constantly changes and increases, I have continually gone to school to renew my skills. As a blue-collar worker who has gone back to college several times in my adult life, I know higher education has improved my career prospects. Now, I am now attending college as an older adult to change my career path yet again. The opportunities I am pursuing in my career will only be possible with a college degree.
After working brutal 12-hour days at a blue-collar job all summer, Braaksma returns to college life in the fall completely inspired and ready to make the most out of his education, knowing he will gain many personal benefits from his college

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