Summary Of Speech By Atul Gawande

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In Atul Gawande's mind blowing speech about doctors dramatically improving their practices using something as simple as a checklist. Dr. Gawande gives many thoughts and ideas concerning experience from history to show the audience that doctors and medical practices have changed a lot over history. Doctors also have had many setbacks and many things that should be changed to further improve their practices. Dr. Gawande begins by explaining how medicine first started and how many patients were incorrectly being diagnosed and cared for. He opens the idea that medicine has changed a lot throughout the beginning of time. Also, currently doctors still have a lot of challenges they face in modern medicine. He explains the first diagnosis of medicine and the early times in treating patients. He explains that medicine has come a long way now having over 6000 drugs that can be prescribed. He explains how much society has come together to study and look at Health Care. By the end of the 20th-century 15 doctors were needed in the operating room to serve a patient with the exact same problem 20 years ago. Gawande uses the word specialists a lot as a primary focus to show that not everybody is a doctor but a specialist in their own area. Gawande then opens a big a topic on how 40% of disease patients receive incomplete or inappropriate care. And at the same time, surgeries cost insane amounts nowadays then past prices. Now in his speech, he introduces the term pit crew this sets up the

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