Summary Of Srinivasha RamaanujanBy John Keats

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collaborated on several ground breaking papers. But in 1917, as a result of the climate and a poor diet, Ramanujan contracted tuberculosis. A well known story tells Hardy visiting him in hospital; unable to think what to say.
Placing Ramanujan along side John Keats may seem a bit paradoxical as he former belonging to Mahemtics the latter to English Literature. Moreover, Ramanujan has never been marked having an interest in English language nor in literature. But the juxtaposition is apt and appropriate in the sense that both the heroes of respective faculties are te best examples of the proverb, “Men live in deeds not in years”. John Keats lived for only twenty-sic years. In his short span of life granted to him, he dived deep into the ocean of literature and gave many precious verses that are peculiar and unique. He left an everlasting imprint on the body of English literature by devoting his life to the service of English Literarure. He lived through many odds in life. Miseries dominated in his life. He died of tuberculosis. He stands no way less than the other poets, some were fortunate even to spend enough to a century.
Likewise, Srinivasha Ramanujan lived only thirty- three years. For him also, life was not a bed of roses- trails and distributions became part and parcel of his life. But he remained engrossed in his mathematical passion notching up several milestones in his short life span. Even though he had lived for only thirty-three years, he has contributed a lot

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