Summary Of Stephen King Chapter 24

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Part One, Chapter Sixteen In the first part of the book, titled C.V., Stephen King discussed his personal stories and what led him to be the writer that he is today. In chapter sixteen he is describing his bedroom at his house in Durham that he lived in as a child. He says that every time he got a rejection slip from magazines that he had submitted his writing to, he would hang it on the nail that he had put in the wall. King mentions that by the time he was fourteen the nail was no longer supporting the weight of all of the rejection slips that had been hung on it over the years (40-41). This chapter in particular stood out because it proves that even the greatest writers started somewhere. When King was a fourteen year old boy …show more content…

This chapter is important in a beginning writer’s process because it helps them to understand the basis of writing, connecting with the reader.
Part Three, Chapter Two
In the third part of the memoir, King talks about the toolbox that every writer should have, and what order the tools should be in (111-137). The second chapter of the toolbox section is about grammar, the tool that every writer believes to be the most important. He says that grammar is a very important tool in writing, but an even more important tool is how you use the grammar (118-122). This includes vocabulary, sentence structure, and word order. While grammar is no doubt very important, being able to write well all depends on how you take the basics of grammar and build upon them.
This chapter holds a certain significance because it helps a writer know how to use the basic elements of the English language, in a way that people want to read. King says that vocabulary and word choice is a very important aspect of grammar, and this should be reflective of your style of writing. He makes very clear in this chapter the importance of sentence structure, and word order (King 118-120). King writes:
Vocabulary used in speech or writing organizes itself in seven parts of speech… Communication composed of these parts of speech must be organized by rules of grammar upon

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