Summary Of Summer Storm By Dana Gioia

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Imagine loving a stranger but knowing you’re unable to be with them, Dana Gioia perfectly shows this in his poem “Summer Storm”. As Gioia’s poem is read, one can conclude that the speaker feels a love towards a stranger and feels the love back for a moment. Unfortunately is unable to be with this person because nothing was pursued. One could conclude that the love is forbidden or our other person is unsure of who they want to be with or who they are. Gioia uses rhyming in his poem to help the readers gain a personal connection to it; he also uses end rhyming in the second and fourth rows of each stanza. Gioia uses enjambment as well, which can be viewed as a run-on sentence used in a poem. He uses tone in his poem, which allows the reader to feel the pain of the speaker as he goes through a heart-wrenching experience, but also experience the feeling of a short relief as the speaker experiences someone having interest in him. When one finishes the poem one can identify that the speaker is also the author. Gioia’s poem starts off by stating the setting by telling the reader that he and another person are both standing on a patio. From there the Gioia alludes that the two of them have not met or that they were reconnecting as if they were strangers. As he continues he describes the raging storm around them as they hug the wall to stay dry. In the next stanza, Gioia describes the storm as if the speaker were admiring its beauty. He says “ The storm hid from the night” (707),

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