Edward J. Larson´s Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion

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The trial occurred in excess of a Tennessee law that banned the educating of human development out in the open schools. The American Civil Liberties Union needed to test the law, and a junior instructor named John Scopes, consented to help them. The alleged "trial of the century" united the well known government official and speaker, William Jennings Bryan, who headed the opposition to development campaign; and Clarence Darrow, who was viewed as the best criminal protection legal advisor of the time. The two men, plus their individual direction, clashed in the trail with the indictment in the end ready to maintain the law.

In the first segment of the book, Larson lays the basis for the trial by analyzing the socio-political connection in the United States throughout this time. While development and religion had coincided generally concordantly throughout the mid nineteenth century, more fossil findings, the ascent of religious fundamentalism, and expanded participation in broad daylight secondary schools affected the ascent of the opposition to advancement development in the United States. The development, headed by William Jennings Bryan, contended that advancement speculations were risky and ought not be taught inside the general population school…
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