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Al Silverman and other people from his time period (1931-1987) call this era the “Paperback Revolution” due to the fact during the twentieth century, there was a tremendous chunk of the events that occurred, that people could relate to. Three books in the Silverman book that stood out to me were Little, Brown which explains how a contributor in a person’s life can be taken away by the second. Another story in Silverman’s book is Living in a Dream World and it talks about how a worker earned his dream job. Finally, The Company That Was Always about Class talks about discrimination and how people cope with it. These trios of novels stood out during the “Paperback Revolution,” due to the fact the publishers wanted to empower the reader to be the best person that we could possibly be. Family bonding is an asset for people during this time period considering the disastrous events this occurred during that time period, families were separated from one another. In Little, Brown, it talks the bountiful bond that Arthur Thornhill Junior had towards his father Arthur Thornhill Senior. Arthur wanted to be like his father in the future, when he goes to work with his dad, he pretends to be in his father’s shoes doing activities such as talking on the telephone to his co-workers. After their typical father son morning they had at work, the fathers adventurously head out to lunch with some of the workers and Arthur’s father has a heart attack. By the time they reached the hospital the

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