Summary Of The Declaration Of Independence

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History of the Declaration of Independence
Armed disputes between the British soldiers and bands of American colonists started on the month of April, 1775 (Shain, 486). To that end, the Americans equipped themselves to fight for their rights to stop being subjects of the British crown. Coupled with the Revolutionary War at their utmost peak, the fight for independence from Britain was in full swing by the start of the following summer. With that in minds of delegates of the Continental Congress, they had to take a vote on the issue of revolution.
Notwithstanding the limitations in the struggles for independence, it was an important strategy in the hands of the delegates to form a committee of five men in mid-June, 1776 (Shain, 486). In light of the five-man committee, it was important for them to appoint Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams who were tasked with the role of drafting a formal statement that had to describe the intentions of the colonies. Formally, the Congress had to adopt the idea of Declaration of Independence, which was written by Thomas Jefferson on 4th July in Philadelphia. The date remained a cognitive memory in the history of the Americans as it is now celebrated as the birth of the American Independence.
Thomas Jefferson published ‘’A Summary View of the Rights of the British American’’ in 1774 a publication, which earned him great reputation as an eloquent voice in the eyes of the British Americans (Shain, 486). What is more, this is

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