Summary Of The End Of FIRPO In The World

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The End of FIRPO in the World is a short story written by George Saunders in which a boy named Cody is bullied by his peers. However, it gets to a point where he starts making elaborate plans in order to get revenge on them. Born of Man and Woman is a short science-fiction story in which we see a child who is abused by the parents. The story is written in the form of a ry. Over time, however, the child changes its behavior and decides to lash out against them. Both these stories share a common theme; those who are abused will eventually become the ones who harm others. In The End of FIRPO in the World, our main character, Cody, the main character is a kid who is being bullied by others. Lester Finn, a person from Cody’s school, comes up to him and asks him “why his rear smelled like hot cotton with additional crap cling-ons” (Saunders, 128). Cody has always been bullied like this and does not know very well what it feels like to be loved by others. Throughout the story, Cody imagines himself in situations where people like him. There are often announcers making his actions seem more than they actually are. “The announcers in the booth above the willow” are heard in the story sometimes when Cody is riding his bike. Cody may do this because he feels lonely, and needs a way of being accepted by the imaginary crowd (Saunders, 132). It is hinted that Cody is mentally challenged. At the beginning of the book, Cody is seen riding his bike past “The dead guy … the Chink … [and

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