Summary Of The Gold Threaded Dress

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The Gold Threaded Dress Carolyn Marsden’s book, The Gold Threaded Dress, follows the life of a young Thai girl named Oy as her family is forced to move neighborhoods because of the cheaper rent – placing Oy at an entirely new school. She feels like an outsider at this new school because there is nobody that looks like her and she is constantly reminded of that because her peers mock her ethnicity daily. She wants nothing more than to fit in with the popular girls at their “clubhouse.” She gets that opportunity one day when a picture of her wearing a ceremonial silk dress with gold embroidery falls out of her backpack. The leader of the clubhouse, Liliandra, picks up the picture and notes how Oy looked like a princess and tells Oy that she can be in the clubhouse if she brings the dress to school so some of the other girls can try it on. Oy is hesitant at first, and even turns down the offer, but after imagining what it would be like to be in a friend group – and a popular one at that – Oy reluctantly agrees. The girls are not gentle with the dress and are each rushing to get it on all with Oy being a bystander as she hears rip after rip. After getting outed by the principal, Oy heads home thinking about how her mother, Kun Mere, will react. Luckily Mere understands, and with Oy’s help, they are able to fix the dress. I believe that this book is a good representation of a multicultural text when basing it off Professor Boyd’s qualities. The book was written in the year
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