Summary Of The Hunger Games Catching Fire

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The Hunger Games Catching Fire Summary The Hunger Games Catching Fire starts off with Katniss in the woods looking for snare hubs which catches animals, she normally goes with her friend Gale on Sundays, but, he works in a coal mine for a living because in district 12, the most abundant product is coal. Katniss does not need a job because the previous year, her and Peeta (Katniss’ alleged boyfriend) won the Hunger Games and now have so much money that they do not need to work. Katniss heads to a black market called The Hub and then heads home. This is the day when the whole world gets to see Katniss and Peeta reunite on national television, so when Katniss gets home, instead of seeing her camera and makeup crew, she sees president Snow. President Snow tells Katniss that the head game maker named Seneca Crane has been executed because he let her and Peeta win, Snow also tells Katniss that uprisings have begun because of her rebellious acts. Finally, President Snow says that he does not believe that Katniss and Peeta are really in love and soon the viewers will find out too, so they need to start acting like it. After President Snow left, the prep team came in to help Katniss get ready for the cameras and all of a sudden start talking about her being a mentor at the third quarter quell (a quarter quell happens every 25 years). This caused Katniss to remember about the flashbacks that she has been having. During the games, Katniss became deaf in one ear and Peeta got
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