Summary Of The Marveous Sugar Baby By Kaa Walker

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The artwork chosen was created by Kara Walker(1969-). The prodigious sculpture measures at seventy-five feet long by thirty-five feet tall with the width is unknown sculpture is titled as “A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby”(Figure 1). This sculpture was created at a closed down Domino Sugar factory. In addition to the usage of space, Walker also used a sugary paste donated by Domino Sugar to create the exterior layer of the sculpture. This sculpture was created similar to a replica of The Sphinx. While the shape and form of the “Marvelous Sugar Baby” is similar to The Sphinx, resting on its appendages, the sculptures are quite different. Unlike the Sphinx, Walker’s sculpture was created with the features of an African woman wearing a headband with the over dramatized and example of an over sexualized African woman’s body. She had chosen to create this sculpture at this location because the building was less than standard. The structure was falling apart, and molasses was running down the walls. It was a horrid, yet an ideal place for the project in her eyes. The way the entire Domino structure, made of the beams holding up the building, was built to provide a cage encasing the sculpture. Walker’s intention with this sculpture was to speak out against the difficulties people nowadays have discussing African slavery in the sugar field, and the several hardships that were brought upon these women: slave trading for high quality items and constant over sexualization of

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