Summary Of The Movie Grapes Of Wrath

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Movie “Grapes of Wrath” Vastly differs from the book ending, but has still become one of the nations acclaimed movies. A farming family from Oklahoma has been forced off of their leased land to move west, to California, in search of jobs. Everyone in Oklahoma has seen the handouts that have been printed about the bountiful fruit picking jobs in California, so the Joad family tries their luck and moves west. The main character, Tom has just gotten out of the penitentiary for killing a man when he leaves. On Tom’s way back from the penitentiary, he meets the old preacher, Jim Casy, who says, has lost the spirit. Casy then urges Tom to let him come with him and his family to California. This is where Casy enters the story. Jim Casy is the hero of the story, because he helps Tom and the Joad family with the move to California, he takes the blame of hitting the sheriff, and he dies saving Tom in a scuffle with the guards. Casy Helps the Joad family with their travel across the west, to get to California. Jim Casy was the old preacher of Tom’s old town, but lost the spirit, so the town got a new preacher. With this background as a preacher, Casy knows how to love his fellow men. He probably served his congregation when he was a preacher, so he was used to doing things for the benefit of others, not himself. Casy is crucial with helping the Joad family cross the west, to get into California. He looks over the kids, he helps with the flat tires, and he brings a joyful personality

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