Summary Of The Novel 'O Pioneers !'

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O Pioneers!: A Journey into the Western Frontier
Willa Cather is an author who uses similar aspects and events of her life and puts them into her novels. This approach allows the reader to know what inspired the events happening throughout the novel. After reading the novel O Pioneers! by Willa Cather, I began to search for ideas leading me deeper into the meaning of the novel as a whole. O Pioneers! is a novel in which several of the key concepts and character qualities can be better understood by learning more about the life of Willa Cather. Aspects of O Pioneers! that involve the life of Willa Cather include where the novel is taking place, the description of Alexandra’s disposition, and the dominance Alexandra exhibits in her family.
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This negative environment is clearly depicted in the previous quote. This setting portrays a secluded and self reliant society which is not very suitable for younger residents. Although Hanover may not have been an ideal place for Alexandra to be, she proves that she can hold her own and tends to have a rather manly disposition. “She wore a man's long ulster
(not as if it were an affliction, but as if it were very comfortable and belonged to her; carried it like a young soldier), and a round plush cap, tied down with a thick veil”(1.1.2). Alexandra is the most comfortable when she is wearing men’s clothes, and she does not want the clothing that she wears to have an impact the way that she is perceived as a person by others. Alexandra asserting her dominance is apparent in the statement reading, “...stabs him with a glance of Amazonian fierceness and drew in her lower lip--most unnecessary severity. It gave the little clothing drummer such a start that he actually let his cigar fall to the sidewalk and went off weakly in the teeth of the wind to the saloon. His hand was still unsteady when he took his glass from the bartender. His feeble flirtatious instincts had been crushed before, but never so mercilessly”(1.1.2). This is similar to Willa Cather’s appearance as a child which also seems to demonstrate some “manly qualities.” “ Sometime shortly before her thirteenth birthday, Cather
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