Summary Of The Play 'The Furies'

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Throughout the play the Furies where trying to gain revenge by killing Orestes for killing his own mother. The Furies believed that blood must be paid with blood for and gruesome act as killing your own mother. The Furies cross-examine Orestes on the charges that he committed. Orestes admits that he killed his mother, and says that he did so following the commands of Apollo, which got his commands from the God Zeus. He also says that his mother had it coming to her (because she killed Agamemnon, Orestes's father). Now the Furies question Apollo. Apollo backs up everything that Orestes says, and elaborates on Orestes's point that his mother wasn't related to him. Apollo says that mothers are only incubators of embryos, and that only fathers are truly parents are uses Athena as an example of how mothers aren’t needed to birth a child. Apollo expressed the importance of relying on the law instead of revenge and the important things that are on the line. According to the book, “ The Ballots are out, make a careful count, be fair, have respect for justice as you divide the votes. An ill judged verdict could cause great harm, and a single vote can restore a mighty house” (Line 748).
The play “The Furies” shows that law is better than revenge because all facts of a case must be examined before a decision can be made on punishment for crimes committed. The furies wanted to kill Orestes mainly because he killed his own mother and that kind of crime could only be paid with blood, but

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