Summary Of The Poem The Light

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The message that I am trying to convey in the poem “The Light”, is that distance and separation can’t break the enduring nature of one’s bond with a significant person in their life. Despite not being together, they are still able to provide strength and guidance for one another. Throughout the text, there is an extended metaphor with me being the candle and my sister being the light to express the idea of our bond and how we can both continue without being together. I begin by describing the role my sister has in my life as, “the flame to my candle, The light to my life.” This is the introduction to the extended metaphor, introducing her importance in my life. Additionally, I come to recognize the guidance that she provided me with the …show more content…

We encourage each other to live brightly, and provide clarity in one another’s lives. Furthermore, the structure of the poem is organised through the change in ideas, similar to the way a story is written. In the first stanza, I state the importance of my sister and the role she has in my life. In the second stanza, I then write about how I feel lost without her presence, similar to the third stanza, where I continue to emphasize that feeling in greater depth. The fourth stanza is used to transition into the beginning of the realization of how our bond can withstand distance and how we can be together yet not physically together. The fifth stanza then shows I can continue without my sister by my side because of the advice she has given me in the path. Finally, the last stanza ties the poem together by stating that regardless of our distance, we will stay close together because of the strength of our bond and how we influence each other. Additionally, I use average size phrases in my poem to create a better flow throughout the poem. The medium length sentences are less choppy as they create more of a story, with fuller sentences, but not ones that are exceedingly long. A story concept was used in this poem as it created more clarity in how my thoughts changed from beginning to end. Lastly, the word choice in the poem is used to emphasize the force of the bond and between my sister and I. By describing my sister as my “beacon”, I am revealing how

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