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Varun Ramaswamy
Ms. Kimbrough
English III AP – 7th
4 November 2014
The Scarlet Letter Ch. 13 - 24 Dialectical Journals
Quotations Response
Chapter 13
“Such helpfulness…so much power to do and power to sympathize… [interprets] the scarlet A by its original signification.” (Hawthorne 323) This quote is evidently significant since it shows the fact that as the chapter suggests the general people’s new viewpoint which they are starting to see of Hester; of her diligence which proves to be much more than ‘enough’ to be recognized. Now, the scarlet letter which she wears is still why people shun her, however, they are now doing this from a habit that has been cultivated throughout the years rather than for her sin.
“It is remarkable that persons who speculate… the external regulations of society.” (331) This shows that the people who are the most hushed and restrained outwardly, many of the time make up for this as they tend to judge others in their minds. This tendency which is there still today is also seen in this book, even though its quiet surprising since in the beginning of the book the Puritans were displayed to judge out loud instead.
Chapter 14
“‘A mortal man, with once a human heart, has become a fiend for his special torment.’” (345) Although this is indeed said through Chillingworth, it could be implied as a quote either describing Chillingworth or Dimmesdale (as it is in the text). Directly from the book it could be implied that Dimmesdale’s persona shifted after

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