Summary Of The Supernatural Elements Of Monkey Beach

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The "supernatural" elements of Monkey Beach, by Eden Robinson make up a large portion of the book's context and are the central focus of the novel. These supernatural elements force the audience to question whether Lisamarie suffers from mental health issues, or if her experiences with the supernatural are part of her Haisla culture. The supernatural elements Lisamarie encounters does not suggest that Lisamarie suffers from mental health issues. A Eurocentric reading of the text would state that Lisamarie is mentally unstable and that her visions are linked directly to her wellbeing. Lisamaries supernatural visions are discouraged through lack of understanding of the Haisla culture, the misunderstanding of Lisamaries "gift", and an untold…show more content…
If Lisamarie is unsure of certain aspects of her own culture, how are the outsiders who are not familiar with the Haisla culture at all, supposed to understand her family's supernatural gifts. This is where the audience viewing this book has troubles understanding Lisamaries perspective and also why many readers take in a Eurocentric viewing of the novel. Lisas supernatural encounters are blamed on post-traumatic stress, passed on through generations in result of residential schools, drinking and drug abuse, and grieving of dead relatives. The author Eden Robinson makes it easy for the reader to claim that Lisa is crazy, due to all these tragedies over the course of her life. Although there is some unproven evidence towards Lisas visions being linked to trauma, one must take a deeper look to realize her mental health is stable. Not only are Lisamaries supernatural visions part of her Haisla culture; they are also seen as being a gift by some; and completely misunderstood by others. Some people decide to view these visions as a curse, due to many different reasons. Lisamaries mother, Gladys is one of those people who sees the gift as a curse. Gladys fears Lisas visions because when Gladys was a kid they were suppressed out of her through bullying and fear. Gladys doesn’t want this happening to Lisa so she also wants to suppress the visions

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